Care and Maintenance

Wash in cool water and tumble dry low. Only use a cool iron for touch up if needed. Do not dry clean.

Dye Sublimation

We thank and applaud you as the new owner of a garment fabricated with Dye Sublimation.  It is one of the newest and most versatile ways to decorate a garment.  It’s benefits are many.  They include an unlimited color range and ultra high definition imaging with unlimited design possibilities. It’s lifetime will surpass the garment itself.  The image will stay clear and vibrant for years to come, with proper care.

The material used is either all or mostly polyester which will give it excellent performance.  It is fade, shrink and wrinkle resistant. It also has cooling and moisture wicking properties, making it a great choice in the warm weather.  This varies with different poly fabrics, but as a whole, polyester will outperform other materials in keeping you cool and dry, contrary to polyester from the past.

Your garment may have some press marks from the process. This is completely normal.  It is recommended that the garment be washed prior to wearing and ironed carefully with a cool iron.  Iron an inconspicuous area first to be sure the iron is not too hot, as high heat can damage the garment.  After the first wash and pressing, minimal care is needed to keep the garment looking sharp and wrinkle free.